Makin' Out With Hard Rock: Layin' it Down. Drinkin' it Up. Breathin' it In. Rockin' it Out.

THE END IS NEAR!!! We have played countless shows, toured the Midwest, opened for national acts, and have two full length original CD's under our belts..."But" & "Wake Up." THE END can play it old school or dish out the latest tunes. The experience delivers from start to finish with an energetic front man and talented musicians that grab the crowd and keep the night time bash going. Bands include Green Day, The Offspring, Stone Temple Pilots, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Eve 6, Buck Cherry, Bad Company, Queen, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, AC/DC, The Killers, The Pretenders, Seether, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Ram Jam, Maroon 5, Duran Duran, Nirvana, Lit, Van Halen, Rage Against the Machine, Kiss, Ozzy, Godsmack, Metallica, Ratt, Dio, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat. Are you kiddin' me?

Through touring and playing over 1,000 shows, we know how to rock, party and keep it tight. We won't rehash the set list of countless other bar bands. We put on the type of show that leaves people asking..."How can they sound just like to record?" We have very dedicated fans we have affectionately dubbed ENDHEADS...we love you all!!! We have played some special shows, set attendance records in clubs and outdoor events, and played in front of 10,000+ while headlining this year's Ohio Bike Week. Our original music has been in regular rotation on 102.7 WCPZ, Sandusky, and 99.7 The Blitz, Columbus.



Impending Nights of Rock.
Stretch Before Banging Your Head!

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